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Aug 27, 2009, 12:34 PM
Aug 9, 2015, 5:42 PM
Southeast Idaho
Fly Fishing
Forum Responses:

Re: [MasterDaad] Deer Creek Mussels
thanks for the replies. It is good to hear that subsequent testing has been negative. I hope that it stays that way. But it p...
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Re: [brownleech] Henrys Lake
Nice report. Thanks!
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Deer Creek Mussels
Just out of curiosity and as food for thought, can anyone tell me what is being done in the waters below Deer Creek to avoid spreading AIS? Ho...
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Re: [ColdWaterCoord] Whats the love affair with bear lake cutthroats about?
Thank you for taking the time to explain the management of Strawberry. I think that S...
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Re: [flygoddess] On A Different note
The variety you catch there is great! What fly do the crawdads prefer? My fav is still the turtles!
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Re: [AverysAdventure] WA Reds
Very nice! My mouth is watering at just the thought of smoked salmon.
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Re: [curt69] Island Park Resivior.
Looks like dinner is going to be good too!
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Re: [Dgallen] Henry's Lake- Humble Pie
Thanks for the good detailed report. Appreciate it. With the heat we have had as well as the full moon, I am surprised tha...
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Re: [Tazasorus] Down and out
Good luck and God Bless. I haven't been out much myself as I am still recovering from surgery myself. I did make it out to a small s...
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Re: [babytrout] Float tubing Cataract
Great job on the fishing. Keep your dad on his toes!It's fun seeing and fishing new places!
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