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Aug 27, 2009, 12:34 PM
Mar 25, 2015, 10:00 PM
Southeast Idaho
Fly Fishing
Forum Responses:

Re: [phutch30] MT perch bite is ON
Those look great. Fun and food!
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Re: [Nipes] Fish Identification
I am not an expert. I have some fish that I can't tell for sure either.My guess is a hybrid with mostly cutthroat markings. Sligh...
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Re: [curt69] Palasades
This is from 5 days ago, and it has had cloud cover since then. Looks like it is still mostly ice. p=f...
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Re: [StacyR] Moving at the end of the month...
Closer to your "home waters" is always good! Good luck and hope it all goes smoothly.
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F&G - Email - All should Read
Greetings, I apologize for adding another email to your inbox, but I wanted to make sure you are aware of this important statement ...
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State of the Waters
Dave Teuscher with support from Arnie Brimmer, fisheries biologists for the Southeast F&G region gave a presentation last night on the waters...
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Re: [LOAH] Lunch Break Keeps Getting Weirder
Cool catch! They are native to the region. I've seen them when fishing, but never caught one myself. FlyGoddess has ...
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Re: [chrome_junky] time to talk mud lake.
Nice fish. Love the pictures of your boy's success.
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Re: [Lech456] best laid plans...
Oak Creek is very small. I can step across it. This last year, when I was up there, a lot of the canyon was still closed due to ...
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Re: [HeadRhino65] How is the South Fork fishing?
Welcome to BFT. Nice to have some more from the Boise area. We don't hear too much about the South Fork of the B...
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