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Sep 13, 2010, 12:50 PM
Sep 25, 2019, 12:55 PM
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Re: [curt69] Bow Mount vs Gas Kicker
Since I have used both kinds I totally disagree. I have a 21' big boat, and I have trolled all day on Cascade in 15mph winds...
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Looking for reasonable priced marine upholstery work
Looking for recommendations for marine upholstery work. All cushions and seats have been removed, so the har...
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CJ strike 11/1/2017
My son and I went night fishing at CJ Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. We found some decent size crappie biting right below the dam. Had to f...
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Re: [dtayboyz] CJ Strike
I was night fishingSaturday night and marked quite a few crappie in 40 to 45ft of water suspendedbetween 20 and 30 ft deep. They would n...
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Re: [idfisher] How much fuel for a week at Deadwood?
I heard that it was really bad last year due to all the heavy equipment that came in and out of there for th...
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Re: [cattrapr] CJ anyone?
If you want crappie, go to Owyhee or Brownlee. We tried Cj last night below the dam and cottonwood. Worked hard for 3 or 4 crappie. I d...
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Re: [hooknhunter] How much fuel for a week at Deadwood?
Just hope that they fixed the road if you are going in from warm lake side. That road was beyond horrible...
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Re: [Biigfish33] Owyhee 06/07/2017
The crappie ranged from 5" to 8". Only 30 to 40 out of over 1000 fish were in the 7 to 8 inch range. There were even some that...
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Re: [idahomike] Owyhee 06/07/2017
We ended up catching over 1000 crappie (kept 100 for dinners). We were catching doubles most of the casts. Most of them were fa...
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Owyhee 06/07/2017
Going to do a 4 generation fishing trip at Owyhee tomorrow. . Sure hope they are still biting over there, or grandpa and grandson might get bor...
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