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Feb 16, 2008, 9:36 AM
Feb 24, 2018, 6:57 PM
Curt Gianchetta
Mechanic - Now Retired
Island Park
9 pound Rainbow & 7 pound Cutthrout
Forum Responses:

Fish and game just posted on there Facebook page . People are ice fishing Ririe . Be careful out there .
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Re: [Twag1234] Chesterfield update
I have not been for a couple of weeks . But I watch the weather everyday . It is very cold at night this week . I am sure you ...
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Re: [hooknhunter] Line Counting Reels - Good, Bad, or Ugly?
I have 4 Okuma line counters and 1 Diawa . I been looking at the counters that clip on your rod . Thi...
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Re: [fishgiver] Lake Cascade
If they like to catch and eat big Perch . Show them some YouTube videos of ice fishing Cascade , Idaho . The room i recomended is le...
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Re: [fishgiver] Lake Cascade
Stay at Birch Glen Lodge . Very clean , low prices . Invasive spieces sticker is $ 20 to 25 dollars. You can get it online . Just pu...
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Re: [PACKFAN] CJ Strike

PACKFAN wrote:
I have reservations up there from the 19-23rd of Feb. but holding off to see what shape the ice is in then. Good luck you ...

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Re: [jerryla] new member
Welcome to the Forum. I don't live in that area . But there are a lot of nice guys on here that will probably jump in and help you out ...
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Re: [curt69] Blackfoot Reservoir?
I just looked up the tournament you are talking about . It is not on Blackfoot Resivior. It is on American Falls Resivior . At ...
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Re: [REPETER] Blackfoot Reservoir?
There is only one way to access the Resivior without a snow machine It is called the Dike . You have to it go out of Soda Spri...
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Re: [MackayGuy] Mackay Rerservoir
It should refreeze next Week lows forecast. 23 ,23 ,12, 7, 13, and 10 .
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