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Feb 17, 2005, 3:29 PM
Feb 10, 2017, 1:25 PM
dave magruder
All things fishy...oh yeah and BEER!

Forum Responses:

12 year old kid needs help on a cow hunt
So, my son got his first big game tag this year....A wasatch unit cow elk (that's the greater Currant Creek area). He di...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] ogden river musky...

wiperhunter2 wrote:
Wouldn't it be nice if a few showed up in Willard, they could sure help thin out the over abundance ...

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Re: [iconoclasticPaul] Wipers at Willard with a fly
With the right flies, and a proper presentation, it's pretty easy to catch wipers on a fly rod. After all, we...
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Re: [iconoclasticPaul] Wipers at Willard with a fly
That's quite a naive statement. I've personly caught dozens of wipers on flies, and not just when they're in ...
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Re: [joshomaru] I need a guide for Flaming Gorge
You're right....R.J. is a deleted
by every definition of the word, what with the self-taken video's of...
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Re: [WiperMac] I need a guide for Flaming Gorge
Isn't that the guy who gets flamed on here all the time for allowing clients to kill the large laker's that he tr...
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Re: [gettingthereok] muskie fishing in pineview
I agree about checking in with Lance over at Anglers Den. He has been catching TM's since they were put in Pinevi...
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steelhead count across L.G. looking good so far
I noticed that the steelhead counts coming through Lower Granite have surpassed last years numbers at the same ti...
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Re: [FishinHippy] Flaming Gorge Camping?
Mustang Ridge has showers and lots of trees for shade. Easy access to the boat ramp and good fishing in the mornings bef...
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Re: [jrp1948] Montana guides
I'll put in a plug for Mike Spence. He's a Bozeman based guide that has TONS of hours on all the local rivers. He works harder than ...
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