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Jun 11, 2003, 12:48 PM
Feb 28, 2016, 10:54 AM

james ketchum
fishing ,hunting and sport shooting

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Reelfoot lake fishing tips on crappie
Reelfoot lake fishing tips crappie fishing find deeper water with structures and use jigs according to water colors and cl...
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Re: [eLp619] How can I use these?
Bouncing them off the bottom is not the only way to fish them. Depending on depth of water structure and cover temperature and ...
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Re: [burdaniels] Need Help? Looking for a bobber!
What are you going after using this float? They are used here in Tennessee for bream and crappie. Tell me more ...
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Re: [Fyzix] New with question about reel
You need to put this on the buy, sell or trade Page
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Re: [zburninator] Catfish bait?
Try beef kidneys they are not easy to get off your hook and are very bloody i have caught 80 to 98 pounders on it.
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Keeping your bait in the strike zone for bottom feeding fish. I
Several different rigs for catching that big fish and putting the bait in the zone for more stri...
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Reelfoot lake
Crappie are still spawning.. High winds have killed several fishing the Lake so remember lifejackets. Large carp 90 100! Pounds caught at spillway
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Re: [theangler] We need your opinion
needs more about other things we do as freshwater a nd tackle tips and lake reports and fishing educations for all kinds of ...
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Re: [booyah] Tying Knots
thank you worked hard fiding and adding them here gld you found a use for them and hope you catch a big one .
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Re: [mrmikelk] Anyone remember a machine some guy sold on internet that made like plankton apprear by the boat and then....
I wrote some for the the guy and got ...
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