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Apr 7, 2003, 7:43 PM
May 2, 2005, 10:52 PM

Aaron Graham
GIRLS,working on the VICTORY, FISHING (of course), and................................ KILLING FISH!!!!

Forum Responses:

Re: [aquaman] Sea lion vs deckhand!
"It happened so fast, I forgot what I was doing," said Ray Dushkin Jr., who was not seriously injured in the abduction Tuesda...
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Re: [JapanRon] D DAY 2004
Ya thats what caught my eye, my 5/0 owner super mutu ringed circle hook not in his mouth!
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Re: [tubeN2] D DAY 2004
Or in my case school! I can't wait for my San Nicolas island SWRF trip in 2 weeks! Can you say LINGCOD?
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D DAY 2004
I was 'sick' today and decided to go and kill some fish. Instead of working i fished ont he Victory and we headed out to some of those outside spots i...
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Re: [JapanRon] Looking for New Fishing Spots on the Beach?
Hey Ron, have u gotten a Yak yet? If not, I hear that there is a good place to get them very very very...
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Re: [JapanRon] New Multi Day 110+ foot Long Range Boat!
Doesn't strasser own that one too??? I saw the first ad for the intrepid while fishing on the Islander a ...
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Hey Ron, give it another 2 weeks of these high pressure ridges and the basses at eldo will be up on there beds ready to be ca...
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Just my opinion, seems like all the planting info takes up a lot of space... I want SALTWATER!Smile Aaron G
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Re: [JapanRon] monte carlo 1/17/04
5LBS BASS HUH JOE? Is it just me or is everyone of his sandbass '5lbs'?? Joe, Even my PINHEAD can catch one 5lbs, that doesn't...
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Re: [Fenwickseaker] WANTED: 10ft, 2-piece Fenwick surf rod blanks.
I can get a 9' pac bay if that would help??? UL I use them for mini jigs on the trout. I might...
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