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May 21, 2010, 10:47 AM
Jan 26, 2015, 1:10 PM
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Re: [fishingrocket] Boise River - Steelhead
Not trying to hijack the thread, but I have some free time Wednesday morning and was wanting to try for some trout on...
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Re: [basskikker] Halverson Lake - SW Idaho
I'm pretty sure they're standard rules, 12" inches min. That said, most of that water is agricultural runoff. I love t...
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Re: [AverysAdventure] Owyhee Streams?
Finally had a chance to make it through that second article. Thanks so much for the links. Especially since Grasmere has no...
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Re: [AverysAdventure] Owyhee Streams?
Wow, thanks for that first link! As a plus, I learned an area to try for whitefish! I graduated college almost 5 years ago ...
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Owyhee Streams?
My wife and I are looking to start backpacking/more hiking. Being that Spring FEELS a long way away, I've been looking at topo maps of the Owyhee...
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Re: [flygoddess] Chironomid
Thanks for convincing me to give these a try! I tied several up (thread, copper wire and a gold colored bead) and had an AWESOME day ...
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Re: [linabu] Missoula State of Mind
I took a motorcycle trip through Missoula last month and thought it was a nice place. Never stopped to wet a fly, though.I di...
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Re: [StickRig] Favorite Hopper Fly?
As another new guy, I'm curious to know, too. As an aside, I've been tying most of my own flies this summer, but haven't done...
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Re: [kglissmeyer] Fly fishing Kokanee?
Thanks for the pic. I'm in Idaho, but was just trying Lucky Peak. As with most things, streams are probably more fun.
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Re: [flygoddess] Fly fishing Kokanee?
Could work. If not, there might be some other fish in the area excited about the Koke spawn that may gobble them up.So far ...
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