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Date Submitted: Sun Mar 01 2009
Location: A family pond
State: Ohio

Description:My brother James we called him Buddha.Caught this cat at a family pond.He was using night crawlers.He has sinced passed and I miss him everyday.That is why I put this picture on my wall of fame.

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Feb 26, 2009, 4:37 AM
May 16, 2009, 8:45 AM
don mullens
Freshwater Fishing
anywhere that the big cats are laying
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Re: [spungfox] What am I doing wrong?
Its not here in ohio.
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Re: [Simp] A Few More Questions for Clarity
It describes how many times the spool (or on a spinner, the bail) rotates for each time you turn the handle. This is ...
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Re: [theangler] best photo for 2008
Here is mine for 08 season.Didnt get to do much fishing.Sick most of the year.Hope to make it up 09.Watch out fish here I com...
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Re: [Simp] What am I doing wrong?
Thanks I will give this a try.Very much so.Happy Fishing
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What am I doing wrong?
Fishing for catfish.I use a big hook and big bait ( gold fish or blue gills) I cast it out leave a little slack.Wait for the run set hook....
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Hello new here
Hello my name is Don.I live in Ohio.I love to fish for all kinds of fish,but my favorite is Blue Gills then the big Catfish.I am 33 years old and ...
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