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Jul 20, 2005, 11:48 AM
Nov 25, 2014, 5:42 PM
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] Boat Whoas
Does your Evinrude have a main fuse on the motor that has blown? I have an Evinrude e-tech 90 that suddenly would not start with n...
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Re: [cdashby] Willard or Mantua
I would drive out on the south dike road. You will see an area where people park and pull there sled out on the ice. Head anywher...
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Re: [cdashby] Willard or Mantua
I have fished Willard about 7 times since December. Tried N. Marina and outside the N. Marina to the North, West , and South. I h...
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Re: [Jazzperch1] Willard Bay ice success
I live about 15 minutes away from WB so I hit the N. Marina 7 or 8 times before the ice went bad. All I caught for that ...
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Re: [49desotoman] Pineview Limit!
Contrats on the fish. I love the pirate flag! Does it keep complete strangers from drilling a hole within ramming distance of y...
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Utah Lake - is there safe ice?
I will be driving a 100 miles from northern Utah to fish Utah Lake on Tuesday. Any info on ice thickness as of the 1-1-2012 would ...
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Re: [49desotoman] pineview
Fished port ramp docks on 23rd starting about 3PM. Stayed after dark for a while. Ice is 5 inches on shore end of docks and 3 to 4 inc...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Willard Bay Ice?
It was probably my truck someone saw on an earlier post. The ice is 4-5 inches but avoid where the marina goes out into the b...
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Re: [hogstalker] Willard Bay
In the N. Marina there is clear Ice but not thick enough yet. Some places around edge looked to be about 2 inches, other places stil...
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Re: [fishn4eyes] Willard Bay Update
South Marina:-------------------I own a pass. Last year I went to the south marina at least a dozen times during when it norm...
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