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Nov 28, 2017, 4:55 PM
Dec 1, 2018, 8:02 AM
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Re: [Browntrout] Lower Fish Creek Disaster
Anyone know the exact impact of coal on water for fish survival? As I understand it it relatively neutral and will mos...
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Re: [dbswoot] Matt Warner or Crouse?
DWR had algae warnings on Matt Warner. just sure if the water temp has changed just yet. but be careful .
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Hint taken
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Re: [betterthanwork] Echo Golden trout
I agree the road is still rough and I would take a side by side in there. the road alone will keep the masses down. Fishin...
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Re: [catfish77] New Fly Rod?

catfish77 wrote:
So I stopped in at Fish Tech to sample some rods and the guy there really seemed to like the Sage-Pulse. Does anyon...

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Re: [_6x_] New Fly Rod?
I have owned sage st croix g loomis fenwick cabelas and several from mud hole that I have made my self. sage is by far the worst warranty...
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Re: [T-DOG91] Fenwick FF756 Fiberglass Rod
Looks like and older #6 rod! great find! Id load it up with a rio gold #6 and have fun!
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Re: [fish_hntr] Kokes and weather?
koks are skiddish fish! I think the wind helps hide the boat both noise and looks. Just a thought.
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Re: [laughfactory] Any place to catch big fish from shore (Northern Utah)?
Lots of great lakes to fish from the shore in northern Utah, East canyon is fishing gr...
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Re: [Troll] New to fly fishing
Not to make this a big deal. I like reading what both (toll and joe_dizzy) of you have to say in these posts. I do have a question...
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