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Feb 24, 2006, 3:22 PM
Jul 16, 2018, 4:29 AM
Fly fishing from a pontoon
Forum Responses:

Re: [doitall5000] Limit of Eyes 7/13
Doitall5000,love fishing from Sitka but also love to get a few Walleye.
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Re: [fishgiver] ALGAE
Whoops.... But I did get concerned readers attention but my mistake!
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Scofield is now closed even for fishing! Utah Lake is totally closed also. Going to make other lakes and reservoirs more crowded for the fishers.
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Re: [a_bow_nut] willard confrontation
A couple years ago when I used to fish from a pontoon, I was up at East Canyon and some jet skiers came by and directly wa...
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Re: [UThunting] Strawberry Fire?
You caught a smallmouth ? I did not know they were in Strawberry or Soldier Creek.
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Re: [packfish] HYRUM 7/1
Good job! ALMOST makes me want to go up there but Hyrum has been tough on me.
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We fished Echo today. Fished along the rocky shore line, managed about half a dozen keeper sm mouth, few perch and one slimmer that went back. Water level ...
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Re: [catchinon] Fresh Minnows
Yikes! Kind of steep. Thanks for checking into it.
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Re: [TubeDude] Catology Trilogy
Thanks, TD! Very useful info.
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Re: [fishjon] Fresh Minnows
I would definitely inquire about becoming legal, a good lesson for the kids and they can make some money also. It doesn't cost anythi...
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