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Feb 24, 2006, 3:22 PM
Aug 21, 2017, 7:29 PM
Fly fishing from a pontoon
Forum Responses:

Re: [humpy] Starvation
I was at Starvation yesterday, type five and white minnow patterns worked for walleye but nothing worked for the bass.
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Re: [Phishinphil33] Starvation
Keep in mind that different type of fishing will be at different speeds and depths. Just be willing to make adjustments, to find ...
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Re: [fishnate] Any Stienaker reports?
Any size to the bass and blue gill?
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Any Stienaker reports?
Has any one fished it lately?
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Re: [SBennett] Fishlake kokanee fishing on fire!
Great report and pictures. Makes want to make the drive, what is the launch fee?
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Re: [rusty-hook] drive to mirror lake
When I was younger (a long time ago) l would fish that stream often. Start neat Trial lake and fish down stream. Good luck,...
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Rockport reports?
Anyone have info on Rockport? Will be fishing from a boat, Thanks.
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Re: [gofish435] Strawberry - More exercise than fish!
That used to be one of my favorite places to fly fish from a pontoon. If it turned out like your outing I w...
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Re: [new2bass] Fish Lake trip
Next time use the perch in fish tacos, thiey are great that way.
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Re: [trfishin] Deer creek boating
Did you get to put your boat in at Deer Creek? Did you have to have it decontaminated?
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