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Registered User
Sep 7, 2002, 11:42 AM
Oct 11, 2019, 11:34 AM
Fishing,Duck Hunting.
Tech support
Freshwater Fishing
willard Bay
10 lb walleye, 8lb 12oz Wiper

Hunting in the fall and threw winter,fishing threw the rest of the time,with some pasture pool mixed in.
Forum Responses:

Re: [TubeDude] Back to Echo 8-27-19

TubeDude wrote:
Lest anyone think that Echo is overrun with toad perch, let me emphasize that as with most lakes and most tr...

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Re: [remo_5_0] Pre hurricane Dorian fishing.....
You got the life my friend. Nice fish. Stay safe with that hurricane coming. fnf
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Re: [Tin-Can] Knolls

Tin-Can wrote:
About how far are the Knolls from Lincoln Beach Marina? I would have to launch at LB and wondered if it was worth the boat tr...

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Re: [kentofnsl] Strawberry - 8/23/19
Sounds like a good time. fnf
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Re: [kentofnsl] Fish Lake 7/30 thru 8/2 trolling
Like was said before you either want bigger fish or troll for rainbows. I know you jig for the cutts at strawber...
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Re: [TubeDude] Willard fishing now?
The holo green back in that size has done better for wipers for me and blue back and the vampire come in a close second. All ...
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Re: [TubeDude] Bunny Gulch 7-23-19
Thanks for the report, They may be small but you have a nice little dinner right there. Have you ever tried to get into the we...
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Re: [castnshoot] Wash Out

castnshoot wrote:
Just an up date to this post from June 23. Right now there are reports of stranded and dead Minersville fish all the ...

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Re: [2knots] Strawberry 7-11
Great pictures and report. Thanks for sharing. fnf
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Re: [Muskybee] Best techniques for catching Tiger Trout.
Thanks, Do tiger tend to be shallow most the time? Maybe I am fishing to deep.
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