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Dec 30, 2012, 1:31 PM
Jan 23, 2013, 12:29 AM
Fly Fishing
King Salmon

Caught a 60 lbs King Salmon while at the Ketchikan fishing lodge
Forum Responses:

Night Bass Fishing
I have always been fascinated about Bass fishing. Especially in the winter. I guess it's all the fun and interesting hard-work that goes with...
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Re: [cpierce] casting and back fatigue
It's but normal to feel tired quicker than normal when you are older, than when you were young. However, learning good cas...
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Re: [chevy5099] floating Plastic baits
There has been a lot of skepticism in the past about using plastic baits for fishing. The main ideas put forth was that th...
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Re: [Bowlcool] HELP! Winter Bass fishing
This is coming a little late but could be handy! Generally, the body temperature of a bass fish ties with that of the wa...
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Fishing in Alaska's Best Spots
If you've ever had the chance to visit Alaska, or have ever had the opportunity to follow one of the numerous documentaries on Al...
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Re: [Hainesfisherman] Favorite pacific salmon
Interesting poll list! If this was not all Salmon, I'll have gone for the Halibut. I was at Silverking Fishing Lodg...
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Professional Fun Fishing at Silverlake
Many would attest to the fact that fishing in Alaska is lots of fun and adventure. Whether you intend Saltwater or Freshwa...
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Amazing Fishing Expeditions In Alaska 2013
There is much in stock for those who enjoy the adventures of fishing in Alaska this 2013. Alaska Fishing Lodges such a...
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Re: [petty4life] tipping your lures
Tipping lures correctly can actually make the difference between a great catch and pulling out an empty line every now and th...
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