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Title: Fishin Utah Intro
Submit Date: Wed Feb 10 2016
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Date Submitted: Fri Feb 12 2016
Location: Private pond in eastern Utah
State: Utah
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Description:20" rainbow caught fishing in 6 ft of water using a white paddlebug.

About Me:

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Sep 4, 2002, 9:54 AM
Dec 14, 2017, 7:32 AM
Nate Belliston
all methods of fishing (fly, bait, spin, bait cast), all species you name it I'll fish it, the bigger the better (trout, bass, panfish, walleye, carp and sturgeon), big/small game hunting, outdoor photography, outdoor videography, and golf
Freshwater Fishing
69" White Sturgeon and 21" LM Bass
Forum Responses:

Re: [MBM1969] New fish finder for kickboat
I used to use a Fishin Buddy too. I now have the Garmin Striker 4 and have enjoyed it. I attach it to my frame with RA...
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Re: [hookngrinin] Utah Ice Fishing Challenge 2017/2018 - rules and guidelines
Sign me up!
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Re: [need2getoutmore] Canoe fishfinder
Here's a photo of my Garmin Striker 4 showing a stack of bluegill, just what you want to see sitting under your canoe
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Re: [need2getoutmore] Canoe fishfinder
I've got a Garmin Striker 4 and am quite happy with it. I use it in my canoe and on my pontoon tube. Very clear screen and...
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Re: [14gills] Fall Bass?
I went out on Steinaker last Saturday after a mean cold front on Friday. High air temp on Friday was 70 and we had 30 to 40 mph winds an...
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Re: [14gills] Fall Bass?
Sorry I've been away from my computer for a couple days. I'll comment below.

14gills wrote:
Fishnate thanks for the information. I have ...

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Re: [14gills] Fall Bass?
No matter what you ultimately will have to figure it out for yourself, but... YouTube is a tremendous reference to get you going. I'd se...
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Re: [castnshoot] DWR stocking report?
I think they just have so much information that some stuff falls through the cracks. I know of several stockings that have ...
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Re: [Popgear16] Ketchikan, Alaska fishing
My wife, my sister and I fished with The Alaska Catch charter last year, We had a great tri...
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Most incredible hookup!
Was bass fishing with my buddy, were using frogs throwing in to some pretty thick cover when he hooks a bass. The fish jumps and thrashes...
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