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Jan 12, 2016, 5:52 PM
Jul 15, 2018, 6:27 AM
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Strawberry 7/13 (more trolling video)
Fished out of the marina on Friday. Weather was fantastic--the fishing, well, not as good as it has been. I still don't see...
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Strawberry (Soldier Creek) 6/27-30 (more video)
Went to Strawberry for some fishing/camping on the 27th through the 30th. Aspen Grove campground finally has the ...
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Re: [Igottabigone] Strawberry Kokanee - video
I wondered about the line between the squid and dodger. It's already pretty short... Probably 10-12 inches. The squ...
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Strawberry Kokanee - video
I reported earlier on my June 16 trip to the Soldier Creek side of Strawberry. I finally had time to look through some video from the ...
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Re: [BSF] Strawberry Wind this Saturday
Soldier Creek wind wasn't too bad today (Saturday). I heard it was pretty bad yesterday. Hope you made it out.
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Strawberry (Soldier Creek) 6/16
Put the boat in the water at the Aspen Grove ramp around 6:30 this morning. We had a double kokanee hookup before we even got out...
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Strawberry 6/8 (and water temps)
Went to Strawberry today for some kokanee. It looks like the thermocline is developing nicely, with the sweet spot right around ...
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Re: [liketrolling] Strawberry 6/1
Walking through the marina parking lot I saw the brand new truck hitched to the Tracker trailer and figured that might be you....
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Strawberry marina pay station
I don't understand when/why they decide to staff the pay station. I drove up to fish yesterday and arrived just after 6 a.m., and i...
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Strawberry 6/2
Fished out of the marina today. I prefer to fish during the week, and fishing today reminded me of why: the marina was packed. I had some kids wit...
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