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Title: Slip Indicators
Description: How to use the Styro slip indicators for deep nymphing
Submit Date: Thu Nov 06 2008
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Slip indicators and Furled Leaders Furled leaders in three different lengths four sizes of slip indicators
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Date Submitted: Thu May 15 2008
Location: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
Fish: Cutthroat Trout

Description:Intermediate line on a 6 weight rod with a Hot Chocolate fly at Henry's Lake, Idaho September of 2006. Around noon.

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Nov 21, 2005, 7:08 PM
Dec 20, 2014, 5:11 PM

Joni T
Rock and Roll Music / Camping / the outdoors/ Fishing
Jerome, Idaho
Fly Fishing
36" Hybrid

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Forum Responses:

Re: [Therapist] BFT WHY/WHAT
Thanks sweetie, I will roll with that
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Re: [remo_5_0] In the market for another rod....
Ones American made, the other isn't...does that help.
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Re: [riverdog] BFT WHY/WHAT
The information is still there, just more discrete. Riverdog, I know you have several places you don't want to exploit to general mas...
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Re: [Loufly] Henry's Fork Belwo Chester HUGE BOW!! I really thought you knew I was joking Lou. My mistake. I am so done.
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Re: [Stickwaver] Small Streams
What? You have a place you don't want to share!That is a beautiful trout
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Re: [Loufly] Henry's Fork Belwo Chester HUGE BOW!!

Loufly wrote:
I agree, there are no HF like that.WinkWinkWink If there were no one that fishes and respects th...

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Re: [SBennett] Small Streams

SBennett wrote:
Gas,grass, or tackle boxes.....nobody rides for free!And with that I expect to see bell bottoms, tie dye, and huge A...

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Re: [dayhut] Trout in the Toon
Totally understand. Check out this new You Tube though. Like around 3:55. Pretty bad Arse idea. love m...
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Re: [dayhut] Trout in the Toon
No glare. The seat area as I said is blue Camo, so all you are looking at is the glare of the water. Oh these are drop stitched so...
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Re: [cpierce] Winter midges
The bottom left looks like an Octopus hook. I love those hooks for Tenkara flies. I use bigger ones for my Carp egg. Thanks for the v...
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