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Registered User
Apr 8, 2009, 4:37 PM
Sep 21, 2009, 1:45 PM

Kayak fishing, Programming, Hiking
Software Developer
Saltwater Fishing
Kawa Kawa Bay

I'm particual interested in Kayak Fishing and Rock Fishing. I fish according to the Solunar Theory and created a litte application for that. My website gives you an indication of the best fishing time for your location.
Forum Responses:

Re: [Rob_Ryder] Auckland New Zealand
Sorry Mate, Haven't heard anything about those reels so far. But sounds interesting. I'll see if I can find one somewhere to...
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Auckland New Zealand
Lots of Snapper around.Using Gulp Nuclear Chicken Softbaits works best.Good Spots of St. Heliers and Kawa Kawa Bay
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Maori Fishing Calendar
Hi - I've been using the Maori Fishing Calendar to find the best days in a month for fishing.Its got a day rating for each day in the Moon...
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Re: [pappyvanwinkle] How did you find our fishing web site?
like your profile picture - funny
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Kayak Camping
Nothing better then going camping with a kayak and a couple of rods.
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Red Snapper on Blue Kayak
I think this was one of my first snappers I caught on a kayak. Nice memory. At that time I thought it was big (must have been around 35...
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Re: [Dryrod] Hello from Auckland
Hi Dryrod Thanks for the welcoming. Looking forward to experience your site. I've got many questions and lots of things to learn...
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Re: [Guest] fishing chart for feeding time, moon phases
Hi there I'm working on a web application that provides the best feeding times for any location based on ...
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Hello from Auckland
Hello Just a quick hello from Auckland. I'm fishing mainly for Snapper from my Yak, if I'm not developing any Software ;-) Fishing in New Zea...
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Catch Squid from a Kayak
Hi ThereI'm trying to learn more about squid fishing.I've had good success softbaiting snapper and other saltwater fish from my Yak but ...
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