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Jan 3, 2003, 7:56 AM
Feb 19, 2018, 2:11 PM
Ron Sorensen
fishing of any kind...
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Re: [Quicky] Dana Point Tips End of May
if your going that way.. right in frount of the nuk plant was good.. now they are not running it might not be as good.. b...
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Re: [PBH] Ice-off at Fish Lake?
the sooner the better.. can't wait to get the boat on and do some trolling!
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Re: [fishnate] Perch fishing video
check it out Yuba perch not to long ago.. yUg1KMWg&t=269s
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Re: [TopH2O] Joe's Valley Musky Attack
was like 6 inchs solid when we got there in the morning but getting mushy in the afternoon.. i dont think it's going to l...
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Re: [MichaelKassahn] ice conditions for vernon res and electric lake
was by E-lake yesterday.. ice coverd the whole lake.. i'm sure it's still good.. no snow on ...
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Joe's Valley Musky Attack
got up on the ice the other day. what ice there was. fishing was slow. not much on the finder all day. but my buddy dave caught a nice...
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Re: [bigfish6] 3 Lure Mods to Catch More Fish
check this one out.. one of a kind fish lake rainbow . i started this one awhile back but pushed it aside for a whi...
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Re: [1Cast1Fish] 3 Lure Mods to Catch More Fish
thank's it takes awhile to get the hang of it, youtube is your best friend! lol
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Re: [BULLOCK9] Anyone been at Electric Lake lately?
no it all froze over a week ago. the bobble up is off right now as far as i could tell the other day. ice was...
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Re: [bigfish6] 3 Lure Mods to Catch More Fish
we don't pull them on the riggers that much at fish lake. if we do it's just to try and keep weeds off the lure and...
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