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May 23, 2009, 8:47 AM
Sep 21, 2017, 8:23 PM
Freshwater Fishing
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Re: [alexaedita] Logan River (Second Dam)
Welcome to the board, and thanks for posting! Were you fishing bait or flies?
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Re: [BURLEY] Teaching kids to fish in Cache Valley. Suggestions?
Thanks for this, I have never actually fished from the beach. Looking at the weather, it probab...
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Teaching kids to fish in Cache Valley. Suggestions?
I have been offered the opportunity to teach a group of 15 boys and girls, ages 8 to 15 how to fish on Satur...
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Re: [UThunter] September Crawfish
That looks like a good time and a good haul. I'm not very experienced in trapping crawfish, can you explain why you retrieve it...
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Re: [liketrolling] free Scofield Reservoir chubs
Is that a 6 foot radius or diameter? it seems small for diameter, but greater than legal size for radius. For pu...
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Re: [Popgear16] Ketchikan, Alaska fishing
I was in Ketchikan in the middle of September last year on a cruise. We have family up there too but my nephew's friend...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Totally Eclipsed in my Happy Spot
Looks like a great trip and good memories. I love the pictures! It does look somewhat different from most pl...
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Re: [Squawminnow] Small Suckers for Bait Near Cache Valley
600 South (Mendon Road) has been closed since February due to a washout a block or two east of the Lit...
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Re: [Jonthecook] Echo 7/12/17 and a new species off my list
Congratulations on the new species. You are correct, that is a smallmouth.
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When I was a kid we went camping with our pediatrician's family. My sister got stuck and I got to see how he removed i...
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