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Jun 21, 2012, 4:35 AM
Apr 11, 2013, 7:56 AM
Garvin Black
Sport fishing, especially in the Florida Keys
Fishing Collaboration
Saltwater Fishing
Key West
Forum Responses:

Key West fishing the Reefs
We're around the reefs of Key West, both bottom and surface fishing. A sailfish that had to weigh over a hundred pounds was caught ye...
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Fishing for Mackerel off Key West
We've been fishing for mackerel lately. It's one of the best fighting fish around Key West for the Winter months. We like to lo...
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Re: [llomenll] florida keys bullshark
Where's the vid. Did I miss something? Bull sharks huh?
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Re: [dannyy] Saltwater reel gift ideas?
Ah, northern fishing. Rods and reels really depend on just what type of fishing you're going to do.Here in Key West we us...
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Re: [Tabers] The Girls First Gulf FishingTrip
Nice! You've obviously been here before. Mackerel are what to go for here in Key West during Winter months.
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Hi from Gavin New on here
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Hi from Gavin New on here
Hi, nice to meet everyone! My name is GarvinBlack, I live in Key West, FL. As youknow there’s plenty of fishing here. My favorite is sa...
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