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Date Submitted: Thu Oct 23 2008
Location: Lake Champlain NY side
State: New York
Fish: Northern Pike

Description:Caught on a white buzz bait. What an explosion.

About Me:

Registered User
Mar 30, 2003, 4:18 AM
Jul 27, 2014, 2:57 AM
gregg nelson
Lund runner
Fishing,Hunting,Wine Making,trapping,Woodworking
East Haven
Glazier, Wildlife control operator.
Freshwater Fishing
Lake St. Catherine VT
28" Rainbow Trout
Forum Responses:

Re: [gdn443] Rivers End Tackle Report
Fishing Report -- July 18, 2014 Striped Bass - It's better. The slaughter at Montauk has slowed a bit but still continues a...
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Re: [davetclown] Heading out.
Same here Dave. Seems all the bass fishing is so- so this year. We caught fish, but I expected better. Even saltwater is slow. Blue...
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Re: [davetclown] a full moon a rision
This going to be a new fishing rig? Why are you getting punctures on the tubes?
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Re: [gdn443] Rivers End Tackle Report
Fishing Report -- June 27, 2014 Striped Bass - The best reports this week have been from boats out at Block Island. Locally...
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Smallie's in Vermont.
We tried Lake St. Katherine for a couple of days. Steady with a few Lg. Mouth thrown in. Tubes and Black wave worms with blue flake seemed ...
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Heading out.
Leaving for Lake Champlain Friday. Can only hope the smallies are hungry.
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Re: [gdn443] Rivers End Tackle Report
Fishing Report -- June 20, 2014 Striped Bass - It's been a good week in the lower Connecticut River up until this morning. ...
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Re: [Saganaki] Need advice on a new spinning reel
Looks like the 6935 would fit the bill. You can use 10lb braid on it or an 8lb mono. switch out the reels to wh...
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Re: [Calicanuck] Amazing Underwater Pike Strikes on GoPro
Great video. Took the trebles off the plug didn't ya. Wink
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Re: [trophytrout89] Trout Fishing.
I've been trying the salt pond. Can't seem to find much but bait fish.
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