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Date Submitted: Thu Oct 23 2008
Location: Lake Champlain NY side
State: New York
Fish: Northern Pike

Description:Caught on a white buzz bait. What an explosion.

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Mar 30, 2003, 4:18 AM
Apr 21, 2017, 4:44 PM
gregg nelson
Lund runner
Fishing,Hunting,Wine Making,trapping,Woodworking
East Haven
Glazier, Wildlife control operator.
Freshwater Fishing
Lake St. Catherine VT
28" Rainbow Trout
Forum Responses:

Re: [wiperhunter2] Roanoke reports
Water temps are in the low 60's but the river has been up for almost 2 weeks and Thursday I found a new hole that produced a l...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Roanoke reports
Except of snagging one on the back it's still sad. I'll be back on the water Thursday, but I don't have a lot of hope. Fisherm...
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Re: [jjellison] MONSTER Blue Catfish
Awesome fish. How about a tip on bait and structure fished around.
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Re: [WillCFish] Catfish - Hot Dog Rig.
Now a new trick to try out here in NC. I'll report back on success.
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Re: [gdn443] The clown ruled.
Hope you check in Dave. Hope all is well. Unsure
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Re: [gdn443] Roanoke reports
Shad are jumping around but none came to the boat. Headed down to Plymouth yesterday and will try in Williamson Wed. Hope it gets be...
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Re: [tomc] areas not to be stocked
I see the repairs on the hatcheries hurt big time too. They are slowly fading the sportsman and women out of the decisions. No...
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Re: [fzimwalt] Pontoon boats for fishing?
Never owned one, but I've been on small ponds to Lake Champlain. I've seen them everywhere. Not something I'd take bass...
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Re: [tomc] bantam lake (late report)
Thats a tough lake at times. I did't know they opened it up to put of towers, so great to see. Great to hear you got out. Yo...
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The clown ruled.
I do miss the reports from Dave on his adventures on the ice. The Pike he found were always good size. If you check in clown, let us know how th...
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