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Date Submitted: Thu Oct 23 2008
Location: Lake Champlain NY side
State: New York
Fish: Northern Pike

Description:Caught on a white buzz bait. What an explosion.

About Me:

Registered User
Mar 30, 2003, 4:18 AM
Aug 27, 2016, 6:06 AM
gregg nelson
Lund runner
Fishing,Hunting,Wine Making,trapping,Woodworking
East Haven
Glazier, Wildlife control operator.
Freshwater Fishing
Lake St. Catherine VT
28" Rainbow Trout
Forum Responses:

Lake Phelps!
Anyone fish this lake. Only an hour from my house and it looks great from shore. Just wondering what works for bass on the lake. I'll bring the boat...
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Trump, What are you doing?
As this election process goes along it boggles my mind of the statements he makes. Most americans cannot vote for lying Hillary. Const...
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Re: [xandrew4507x] Having trouble catching anything.
Every place has it's own rig setup. Yes by all means use their rig and fish it the same way. The weightless ...
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Re: [xandrew4507x] Having trouble catching anything.
Summer fishing can be a challenge.Fishing for fish in the open water they will be deep in the cooler zones. ...
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Re: [Darylchan] Mounting trolling motor on a pontoon boat
Not sure if your pontoon is hard or soft. I've fished a lot of lakes that are electric only. And hard p...
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Re: [CarolinaStyle] Outer Banks Fishing Report
Thank you for the reply. Moving down to Williamston in 5 weeks for good. Can't wait to get the boat wet in salt wa...
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Re: [Mirra] Need help on how to reel in a fish
I use my fish net. Tighten your drag just enough to give you good residence when you pull on the line.
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Re: [CarolinaStyle] Outer Banks Fishing Report
Anything happening inside?
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Re: [williambaxter4] how to do the fast burn and other retrieves
The one that works that day. Can't Vandam every day. July and August I'll speed it up.
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Re: [williambaxter4] what is your favorite bass lure
You will need all of them at one time to catch fish. Senko is my go to every trip. But depending on the time...
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