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Date Submitted: Thu Oct 23 2008
Location: Lake Champlain NY side
State: New York
Fish: Northern Pike

Description:Caught on a white buzz bait. What an explosion.

About Me:

Registered User
Mar 30, 2003, 4:18 AM
Apr 20, 2014, 2:49 AM
gregg nelson
Lund runner
Fishing,Hunting,Wine Making,trapping,Woodworking
East Haven
Glazier, Wildlife control operator.
Freshwater Fishing
Lake St. Catherine VT
28" Rainbow Trout
Forum Responses:

Opening day for trout
First time in a lot of years I won't be bass fishing this Saturday. Must be getting old, damn it. Wink To all that go, good luck and limit ...
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Re: [flyfisher117] Broke my rod! On a budget
X2 on the Shimno. Save up and never buy another new rod.
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Re: [flyfisher117] Broke my rod! On a budget
I'm partial to Shamono, with their life time warranty. Break it and it's free. Doesn't have to break the bank as we...
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Re: [gdn443] Rivers End Tackle Report
Thanks to all for coming to Surf Day. It was a great time for all. If you have any suggestions for next years event we woul...
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Re: [seibert1224] bass gear ideas
Fishing for Bass you will need both baits. This time of year jerk baits are my go to lure. If we ever get the ice off the water...
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Re: [gdn443] Rivers End Tackle Report
Striper Surf Day March 22, 10-4. It's finally here, a sure sign of Spring. Come down and join us and fellow surf rats for a...
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Re: [davetclown] last pike of the year of 2013
That's one frosty fella. The fish too. LOLGlad you had a good year. Sure did have a lot of ice even here in CT.
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Favorite Fishing Lines.
Just got done ordering new line for all my rods. That hurt. LOL $$ But my favorite brands are:Copolymer: P-LineBraid: Fire Line and Power...
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Re: [Glockfan17] New bass rig help! Braid line
I assume it's a spinning reel. 8 or 10 is fine. I have more of my rods with 8 then 10
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Re: [gdn443] Rivers End Tackle Report
March 6, 2014
This Saturday March 8,2014 ,2pm-- Carp with Kevin Jobs That's right carp, the other big fish you ca...
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