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Date Submitted: Sat Oct 08 2016
Location: Pineview Reservoir, Utah
State: Utah
Fish: Tiger Muskellunge

Description:My friend and I decided to take in a couple hours of fishing in the late afternoon at Pineview Reservoir, Utah. We were initially fishing for bass. On literally the first cast of the afternoon, while using a small "Shad Rap", this big boy hit. After about fifteen minutes and without the help of a landing net (the one we had was not near big enough) we were able to land it. Not sure of the weight as our scales were too small. It measured 22 inches long. I landed it on 4 pound line and no steel leader. After the pictures, the fish was released unharmed.

Date Submitted: Sat Oct 08 2016
Location: Flaming Gorge, Utah
State: Utah
Fish: Lake Trout

Description:While vertical jigging at Flaming Gorge with my buddy Blaine, I caught this 31 pound Lake Trout. I took another 26 pounder a little later that same day. Lake trout fishing is our "therapy". We have been very successful over the years fishing for them. We use "cut-n-paste" homemade jigs to catch these hogs.

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Still doing well with coyotes? Thinking about going out this weekend.
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Thank you!!
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Re: [fish_hntr] Strawberry Ice
I did see it but the most recent reply was a week ago. Thanks.
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Strawberry Ice
Any word on the ice at the Berry? Wondering if anyone has been up there and can report. Thanks. GoFish
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Re: [fish_hntr] Willard?
Thanks for your responses. Lets see what happens!!
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Anyone been out on Willard. I have heard through the grapevine that they have been catching some decent Wipers. Was thinking about taking the kids out i...
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Anyone been out coyote hunting? How was it?
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Anybody hit Daniels recently? Just wondering how the fishing is. What are the conditions? How thick is the ice? Is there much snow on top? How is the acc...
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Re: [LuvThemCuts] Any news on Strawberry? Is it time for the Fall Fishing Frenzy ??
I went up Saturday. Caught 1 Koke, 1 rainbow and 17 nice Cutts. Many pushing...
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Re: [MisterCompletely] Fishing Guide Recommendations? - Flaming Gorge
I have to put in my two cents. I haven't tried Ash or Clark but I have had some incredible ...
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