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Date Submitted: Thu Apr 03 2014
Location: Idaho
State: Idaho
Fish: Rainbow Trout


About Me:

Registered User
Jun 29, 2012, 2:14 PM
Dec 18, 2014, 7:36 PM
Ice Fishing
My wife

Old, fat, and ugly, but full of life.
Forum Responses:

Re: [AverysAdventure] Mountain adventure tomorrow?
Don't use those 4 letter words on me (work)! Wink Too bad. I'd love to go out with you and Avery some time. I ...
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Mountain adventure tomorrow?
I have a pretty good feeling that I know where to find some fishable ice tomorrow near Cascade. I don't like to do a trip like this ...
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Re: [drowning_flys] Henry's Lake
I walked within a few feet of both opens spots while we were there. Once you got out past where the water was moving, the ice wa...
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Re: [Tazasorus] Henry's Lake
I'd like a copy of that. Does it have GPS coordinates?
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Re: [idahopanfish] Henry's Lake
Hey Michael. I hope you have a great trip. You will have no issues accessing the ice by walking from the rose under current condi...
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Re: [kentd71] Hooknhunter Contest Fish!
Actually, I got thinking about it and that picture is my wife's fish. That's why it doesn't have the BFT logo in it. I'm ...
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Re: [kentd71] kentd71 Contest Fish!
He's going to taste great. Nice fish.
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Re: [curt69] It's that time of year again.
Probably not. We'll just have to jump into soft water. 1 or 2 degrees difference in water temp doesn't make that much ...
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Re: [iliketofish] Hooknhunter Contest Fish!

iliketofish wrote:
Holy crap! That poor fish needs to go on a diet! I don't think I've seen one that shape before. Go...

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It's that time of year again.
What time is it? PBP time! Hey all, It's that time of year again. You are invited to join me for the Polar Bear Plunge at Sego Prai...
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