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Dec 31, 2005, 9:30 PM
May 10, 2008, 11:06 PM
Chad Sundstrom

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Re: [kok_head] Trolling for trout ?'ssssssssssss
Appreciate the response. The lake I plan to fish supposedly has a very large number of kokanee and I believe the...
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Trolling for trout ?'ssssssssssss
Well haven't been on here in a while and posted since I have moved to Montana haven't done as much fishing as I had planned. A ...
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Re: [Majja] Humminbird Ice Transducer
It is about 6 feet long or so.
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Re: [Fin-S-Fish] Mantua 11 Jan Report
I have had my best luck there going super small with little tiny 1/64 ounce and smaller jigs tipped with maggots. Tried som...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Mantua 11 Jan Report
When I got on the lake at about 11 there were probably 10-15 people on the ice. Only one other group of 2 guys stayed as ...
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Mantua 11 Jan Report
Had to go up to Lee's and pick up my boat yesterday and figured I would give Mantua a shot again this year even though it had been super slo...
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Re: [moby_dick] Holmes Creek
Well I don't know about lunkers but I did pretty good on the slimers today until I put my foot through a hole and got stuck and had ...
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Holmes Creek
Thinking of hitting this pond for a few hours tomorrow. Anyone got any recommendations on what to use for lures/bait and what fish I might catch in ...
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Icing Whitefish
I have heard it mentioned that people were catching some whitefish out of Echo. I am planning to head up this weekend and was wondering if anybod...
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Re: [bubba_burt] Ice Conditons @ Rockport & Echo
Not sure about the Rock, I was on Echo last Wednesday and was killing the perch down by the dam in 30-35 feet of...
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