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Date Submitted: Sat Apr 22 2017
State: Florida
Fish: Sailfish

Description:Caught this bucket list fish the first of April just of the coast of Fort Lauderdale back trolling with kites what a cool way to fish 😀

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Mar 10, 2014, 9:39 AM
Sep 30, 2019, 6:44 PM
Forum Responses:

Re: [Littlebuck3333] Gorge ice
Ice free but cold 5 small salmon one nice bow
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Re: [fryman1] San Diego Overnight advice
If you havenít been to 976 tuna websites I would recommend it
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Re: [kentofnsl] fishing in the dark!
I Started using this alarm and it's great it gives you a light and sound indication. oY...
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Re: [Jackin_Jaws] Pontoon Downriggers Set-up
Cannon has a pedestal mount that I mounted to the flat front deck. It sits high enough to get over the railing.
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Re: [mtncat1] Is ICE OUT at Strawberry Myth or Fact?
I drove by yesterday and you could launch a boat on the soldier creek side if they ever cleared the snow off...
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Re: [fish_hntr] why do I not see Kokanee restrictions in the guidebook?
This is the reg for the gorge All kokanee salmon caught from September 10 through Novembe...
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Re: [chinook] at Strawberry today
I was up Sunday we caught several that had started the turn very pink won't be long now 😓
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Re: [big_griggs] Silver lake flat
This is why I don't post on this site and very rarely visit any more god forbid some one says something that could possibly be ...
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Re: [dubob] POLL: Some thoughts on C&R of kokanee salmon
If studies are correct the Kokanee tournaments do a lot of harm. I've heard of people catching 75+ in se...
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Re: [ReelMasta] Gorge Kokanee Forecast ?
The last pictures we from the first of August last year these are more recent
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