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Registered User
Dec 28, 2008, 9:15 PM
May 19, 2019, 9:49 AM
Idaho Falls
Insurance Agent/Owner
Fly Fishing
Below the dam
17lb Silver

Always happy-that's if I've been fishing in the last 7 days!
Forum Responses:

Re: [Belasko] Ririe? Awful Quiet
Thx for the report
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Re: [MMDon] Windy on Ririe
If anyone knows how to catch Kokanee itís you...have you tried chasing them down yet?
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Re: [Kodiak1] Old Goat
Never heard of them, do you have a pic? Never mind, found them on google and a few YouTube videos
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Sweet! Great idea tooWink
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Palisades Reservoir
Decided to give it a shot, even though I rarely do very well there. To our surprise it was actually a fruitful morning! Gold/orange Cleo and...
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Re: [hookedlikeu] Blackfoot
Time to chase a few carp on the fly! Thx for the report!
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Re: [SundayMoney] Windy on Ririe
At least you got out! Most rainbows will be 14-16 in. Iíve seen a few 18Ē but theyíre few/far between. Iíve caught most near the...
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Re: [SundayMoney] Windy on Ririe
So how did you do?
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Windy on Ririe
Got the dust off the boat and kokanee gear. Fishing was great! However catching was non existent Smile. Didnít bring the down riggers but probably ...
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Re: [Tazasorus] Personal Best Henrys
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