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Aug 8, 2012, 3:05 AM
Aug 14, 2012, 2:34 AM
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Re: [fishermankiller] kasviile pond fishing
Everyone's different opinions, think oneself mood more peaceful morning fishing, exercises oneself also can get bette...
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Re: [Mctaz] Fishing
I think fishing is a part of life, I like fishing, like to use and customized fly-fishing fishing. Edit: links are not allowed for advertisem...
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Re: [bassass] best bait
Bait physical condition has three main indicators: proportion of water and viscosity, confirmed. A small proportion of the bait, such as ...
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Re: [fishermankiller] kasviile pond fishing
Personally like to go fishing pond, think morning fishing the effect will be better point. Edit: links are not allowe...
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Re: [jackcardoza] help
It looks very beautiful, no matter how is a very good effects. Congratulations to you. Edit: links are not allowed.
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Re: [jackcardoza] Catfish Help
I have some of the collections in learning fishing my blog, wish it can hlep you. Edit: links are not allowed
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Re: [theangler] BigFishtackle.Com in Entrepreneur Magazine - March 2011
So expect!!! fishing equipment china sources for newers; Edit: Links are mot allowed.
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Re: [gdn443] Photos for all contests.
Thank you very much best fishing equipments for beginer,vister hear.
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