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Title: Twin Lakes Crappie
Submit Date: Sun Aug 17 2008
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Registered User
May 11, 2006, 9:23 PM
Sep 6, 2019, 2:43 PM
Jason Alvarado
Fishing, hunting.
Mesa, Arizona
Freshwater Fishing
??? Any suggestions?
150+ crappie in 5 hours
Forum Responses:

Re: [Racklefrack] Finally caught some fish!
I feel you about the wife! My wife loves to go out but if she doesnít go with me she doesnít want to hear about it. I...
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Re: [Racklefrack] Finally caught some fish!
Thatís awesome man. Sounds like youíre determined to be a successful fisherman. I donít think most guys with a fish f...
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Hey from AZ
Hey guys, Iím headed out to the Bay Area this weekend. We have another trip booked on the Sea Wolf out of Emeryville. We usually go a couple times a ...
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Re: [schulzemf] Big Cat
Thatís awesome man. Heís gonna fillet up nice for the frying pan. They sure can be aggressive sometimes.
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Re: [Catdaddy] Lake Pleasant
Hey Catdaddy, did you ever make it out to Lake Pleasant?
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Re: [schulzemf] Slab City
I wouldnít have believed there were crappie that size in the lake. Iím sure they are all throughout the chain of lakes though. Just got...
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Re: [PowerBaitMan] Lake Pleasant Shore -- Son's first trip
Dang it. Thatís too bad you guys didnít catch anything. Youíre not lyin about the heat though. I guess...
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Re: [PowerBaitMan] Lake Pleasant Shore -- Son's first trip
Did you guys have any luck?
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Re: [TubeDude] Lake Pleasant
Thanks TubeDude! Sounds like a have a good place to start next time I decide to take the trip up to pleasant.
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Re: [AZwadder] Hello from Arizona
Welcome. Look forward to seeing some post on here from you.
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