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Jul 10, 2011, 6:19 PM
Jul 22, 2011, 11:56 AM
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Here goes nothin'
I am leaving in the morning after work to head to Dauphin Island. Im going to try my hand at some saltwater fishing. I dont have any flies that...
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Re: [flygoddess] switch rod
I believe I am going to build a fairly cheap rod to start out with. That way if it goes bad Im not out a lot of money. It will just ...
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switch rod
Within the next year I want to have a decent slatwater rod and I am really leaning toward a switch rod. It seems, from what Ive read, that a switch r...
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old rod and reel
My Pawoaw gave me his old rod and reel. The rod is a 8.5 foot True Temper Custom Built Fifteen Hundred. The reel is an Oren-O-Matic 1140 D by So...
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Re: [jbp6125] Ready to fish
Well I caught 2 bass and 2 perch and boy were they monsters. One of the bass were nearly as long as my hand haha. They were tiny. I w...
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Re: [jbp6125] Rod WT?
Thanks everyone for your input. you guys are a big help. I really appreciate it.
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Ready to fish
Well a guy I work woth gave me a 8ft Shakespear rod with a Shakespear reel. I know they are cheap but hey it was free. Finally got all my line on i...
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alabamian wanting to fish in NC
Im from alabama and am planning to make a trip up to NC this fall or winter for a few days to fly fishwith my dad on the Hawassee...
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Rod WT?
Im preparing to buy my first fly rod and was just curious about what weight would be the best. I will fish mostly for bass and panfish in ponds and river...
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streamer flies
I know that streamer flies are typically used for deep sea fly fishing but I was just curious if you could use them surf fishing. Would they be to...
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