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Date Submitted: Sun Jan 18 2015
Location: idaho
State: Idaho
Fish: Cutthroat Trout

Description:A nice 21" cutthroat from a small stream idaho

Date Submitted: Thu Jan 01 2015
Location: no tellum
State: Idaho
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Description:A nice fall day on the river using my 8wt st Croix fly rod stripping a peace bug..

Date Submitted: Mon Oct 18 2010
Location: condie res
State: Idaho
Fish: Largemouth Bass

Description:i was drifting a worm and on recast blam it hit the second it hit the water

About Me:

Registered User
Oct 13, 2010, 3:40 PM
Apr 11, 2018, 9:59 PM
fishing, hiking, mtn biking, anything with wheels and an engine interest me... Tubing n fishing...
Freshwater Fishing
Rivers and small creeks
my greatest would be a lovely Bride

I am an avg guy who happens to enjoy fishing allot, as well as all the beautiful nature to go with it
Forum Responses:

2017 was a good year
2017 started off strong with a beautiful buck rainbow! I spent the year working on tying allot of my own flies. I learned allot about my own...
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Re: [gstott] Bear River Flows
They have the levey open on bear lake they plan on leaving it cranked wide open all winter long through to next fall, it has kinda ...
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Idaho waters
Been a while since i posted anything on here, ive been super busy with work and raising my kids and having a new baby, buying a house and changing e...
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Re: [fallsfish] Onieda Narrows
Most of the bass were small less than 12" got a few over 12 but not many. As for road being fixed i sure hope soon. Im sure they w...
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Re: [fallsfish] Onieda Narrows
Ive been pulling the SMB out since march the walleye are going to be a majority way above the reservoir this time of year it is th...
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Re: [APOutdoors] Smallmouth in Condie
This is the biggest hoax, unless it was 6+ years ago. Or did you not hear they drained and killed Condie and have been slow...
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Re: [APOutdoors] Any Bass left in Deep Creek?
They poisoned and drained it in the mid to late 90's to kill the bass off. They were recently released introduced i...
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Re: [marshallnielson] Bear Lake Advice Please
The last time it totally froze over was in 2012, that year it left a few fishermen stranded when it Fischered apart...
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Re: [idaagman] Chesterfield Res.
Never made it to chesterfield but, it was poring rain today all around it.
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Re: [wombat1947] Devils creek or Deep Creek?
Deep creek had a bunch of open water yesterday and with today's warmth I'm sure it melted off some of what was there...
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