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Date Submitted: Sun Jan 18 2015
Location: idaho
State: Idaho
Fish: Cutthroat Trout

Description:A nice 21" cutthroat from a small stream idaho

Date Submitted: Thu Jan 01 2015
Location: no tellum
State: Idaho
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Description:A nice fall day on the river using my 8wt st Croix fly rod stripping a peace bug..

Date Submitted: Mon Oct 18 2010
Location: condie res
State: Idaho
Fish: Largemouth Bass

Description:i was drifting a worm and on recast blam it hit the second it hit the water

About Me:

Registered User
Oct 13, 2010, 3:40 PM
Sep 20, 2016, 10:17 PM
fishing, hiking, mtn biking, anything with wheels and an engine interest me... Tubing n fishing...
Freshwater Fishing
Rivers and small creeks
my greatest would be a lovely Bride

I am an avg guy who happens to enjoy fishing allot, as well as all the beautiful nature to go with it
Forum Responses:

Re: [Tazasorus] Chesterfield growth rates
Them would be Dave's pride and joy, they are a hybrid they have been playing with for years super fast growth rates.
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Re: [Fishnskiidaho] Hawkins' bass
Bucket bioed in, they have been there for a few years confirmed. They have been successfully spawning which was the F&G worst f...
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Re: [Ncfshman1] Wierd fish at palisades
You also understand brown trout have not been stocked in idaho or wyoming waters in almost 20 years
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2lb 4oz bluegill
Got one heck of a surprise today while bass fishing. Biggest bluegill I've ever seen and caught. It's measurements were 12 1/8 inches long, 6 a...
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Re: [jeremypeace] can some one help me confirm this fish.
Woops forgot to attach pic. Here it is.
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can some one help me confirm this fish.
Now I've caught millions of brook trout, but today I got one that looks totally different than what I am used to. This is...
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Re: [windriver] BFT Traveling Fly Box
Is this going to happen again?
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been a great year.
Hello all: been awhile since I've posted anything on here, I have been away from home for quite some time. Did a very fun trip into wyoming no...
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Re: [mattdog231155] Wierd fish at palisades
Trust me when I say 70 sucker or carp are not even helping the system. A carp spews 250,000 eggs during spawn that's ...
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Re: [jaklakmak] Wierd fish at palisades
Not a purist, but I do think that a responsible angler should never leave them rotting on the bank, if the land owner in ...
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