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Date Submitted: Sun Jan 18 2015
Location: idaho
State: Idaho
Fish: Cutthroat Trout

Description:A nice 21" cutthroat from a small stream idaho

Date Submitted: Thu Jan 01 2015
Location: no tellum
State: Idaho
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Description:A nice fall day on the river using my 8wt st Croix fly rod stripping a peace bug..

Date Submitted: Mon Oct 18 2010
Location: condie res
State: Idaho
Fish: Largemouth Bass

Description:i was drifting a worm and on recast blam it hit the second it hit the water

About Me:

Registered User
Oct 13, 2010, 3:40 PM
Jan 29, 2015, 7:25 PM
fishing, hiking, mtn biking, anything with wheels and an engine interest me... Tubing n fishing...
LTL/freight driver
Freshwater Fishing
my not so secret secret spot on the portneuf river..
28" brown and a 31 inch carp on my 5wt

I am an avg guy who happens to enjoy fishing allot, as well as all the beautiful nature to go with it
Forum Responses:

Re: [cpierce] Record breaking rainbow!
Oh the tests Dave did. I know for a fact Dave made up his research on the said fish to get his name recognized nationally ...
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Re: [FindFish] Record breaking rainbow!
If Dave tuescher wouldn't have miss categorized the rainbow caught out of AF it would have been the new state record rain...
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Re: [ddmoogs] weber info please..
I got it today, what type of fishing am I going to be looking at? Is there seep holes, deep cuts, water falls, what is the rive...
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Re: [Hawky] weber info please..
I'm going to be up in the general vicinity of taggart area.
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weber info please..
I'm coming over to Utah the coming Saturday and would like to know some hints and tips for the weber I'm going into a walk in access place an...
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any one going out on the ice in S/E id tomorrow
As it says, I'm wanting to go but would like to fish with some one game for where ever as long as it isn't to far...
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Re: [fallsfish] Chesterfield 01-01-15
I recommend following the access signs in.. Blazer hyw to toponce road follow toponce tell you come to the access sign.. Ba...
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Re: [windriver] BFT Traveling Fly Box
Is the box still traveling and what do I have to do to get involved?
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Re: [seanc1974] crowthers reservoir ice
When did they put large mouth back in? I know they poisend it off awhile ago and I thought they just putbtrout back in.
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Re: [ZATARRA] my year end review. (pic heavy)
Thank you both, yes I will have more opportunity this year given I have started with a local haul LTL/freight compa...
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