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Date Submitted: Tue Jun 07 2011
Location: on the ice
State: Montana
Fish: Walleye


About Me:

Registered User
Jun 7, 2011, 1:08 PM
Feb 10, 2014, 9:20 AM
Harrisville, UT /Conrad, MT
Ice Fishing
Lake Francis, MT
couple 10+lb Walleye
Forum Responses:

Re: [jekern1015] Gorge ice pics.
So did it look like there was good ice from Lost dog north? Sounds like good ice at firehole.... I just wonder how the rest of t...
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Re: [Deepwateroff] rockport boots left behind
I wish someone like you would have found my old fave green light saber rod at mantua... damn the luck! Good on ya!
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Re: [muskycoop] Auger drill assemdly recovery ideas??
What lake is it in? I have a 10' auger, underwater camera, and a grapple hook. I can assist if it is somewh...
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Re: [RANDAL801] Help on which Flasher to get
Amazon had some good deals with free shipping as well. fwiw my brother sold his fl-8 to get a vx1 pro.
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Re: [altizerbd] Left Ice rod at Mantua
I lost one out of my sled yesterday out there as well! My 4 yr old was trying to pull the sled by herself... which wasnt ...
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Re: [RANDAL801] Help on which Flasher to get
I started out with then the marcum lx-1 which was replaced by the vx-1 pro. Out of these options I would definitely ...
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Re: [Wasatch801] Humminbird ICE45 and other flashers
I have had 2 lx-5's and a vx-1 pro all going inside the same house without interference.... it just takes a ...
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Re: [Iceman88] 2013-2014 burbot bash
Your chances are just as good as anyone else's that enters for the final weekend. The numbers do not roll over. Beginning an...
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Re: [Duckbutter] Burbot bash
Yeah there were four of us two in each boat. My brother flew out from ND and fished with me, two buddies were in their boat. Fishing...
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Re: [Duckbutter] Burbot bash
It was my team that ended up with 188.... Lots of fun and two very long nights. I will try to get some pictures on here in the next ...
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