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Date Submitted: Tue Jul 17 2012
Location: no name lake
State: Idaho
Fish: bulltrout

Description:catch and release

Date Submitted: Wed Mar 04 2009
State: Idaho
Fish: Steelhead


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Jan 28, 2009, 11:40 PM
Aug 17, 2018, 11:43 AM
Freshwater Fishing
anywere, anytime
Forum Responses:

Re: [wizardfish] Deep creek/ Daniels res..
As of Saturday there was still open water in the middle, but the ice around was a solid clear 4 inches. I fished it Th...
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Re: [brookieguy1] HAMMERED STEEL
I actually have him doing a few fish for Christmas gifts. A brookie, brown, west slope cutty and a bull trout. The detail is ama...
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helps if I upload the images...
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Not sure if anyone has seen Ken's work but I had to take a chance and brag about the 2 steelhead he did for me. He lives in Malad and I hope its o...
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Re: [Lochsaelliott] Tagged Rainbow Trout
The ones i have caught that were tagged seem to be the same. planted within a few weeks at the most. I would be interest...
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Re: [hammerindown] Idaho Salmon 2017
I cant imagine finding water fishable. If you go be safe man.
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Re: [Jnicholes] Tagged Rainbow Trout
that double tagged fish is worth money right? how much?
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Re: [thebug] Reports???
made it home yesterday. we stayed in the Clayton area for 4 days. we fished that area the first 2 days with only 2 fish caught and a hand...
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Re: [blacktop] Reports???
I am headed up today. Not sure where we will end up, more than likely above the east fork. I am glad to see the numbers improved drasti...
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Re: [l8zfish] Dead water
a local man was in the coffee shop this morning saying deadwater is out. can anyone confirm?
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