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Dec 26, 2012, 2:40 PM
May 1, 2014, 12:32 PM
Ice Fishing
United States
Brown Trout

Love to fish year round.
Forum Responses:

Strawberry Alive and well
My friend and I were out at strawberry this week on Thursday. We had to cancel a trip to Flaming Gorge, so we decided to fish at Strawb...
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Re: [Dangler] Jordanelle Res Hot yesterday in the storm
I was off the point east of the main parking lot. when the water level is normal it is covered by water. ...
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Jordanelle Res Hot yesterday in the storm
Fished Jordanelle Res yesterday in the storm in 40', 30', and 20' no difference. the perch were hot really didn't matte...
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Re: [Marathonman] flaming gorge
Where did you fish? did you have to walk far and how deep of water were you fishing in?Was thinking of going out to FG tomorrow f...
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Strawberry at night.
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Strawberry at night.
Fished Strawberry Wednesday night, about 5-10 Pm. it was somewhat difficult pulling my sled and gear a couple hundred yards out from the mar...
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Re: [Tyler_T] Deer creek tomorrow
I was out yesterday afternoon with my daughter. I was north east of the island. just off the high way. we walked out about 200 ...
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Re: [Fish-or-die] Strawberry 1-8-13
My friend and I were on foot. very few fishermen were out. 1 big group east of the marina. No fourwheelers or snowmobiels on ...
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Strawberry 1-8-13
Ice by the marina is about 6-8" very little snow, and all the slush has frozen up. fished in 40' of water and had bites a foot off the bottom u...
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Re: [fmrusmc] Strawberry 9-11 am Bite
I read your post. at least you took something home. I would like to know where the rainbows are hanging out. Have a good Ne...
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