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Feb 11, 2004, 1:42 PM
Jul 27, 2005, 11:58 AM
tim rankin

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New Reel
I got a new baitcaster. It's a Pflueger Vintage, $60 at Cabela's. I'm going to use this one for this year, then next year buy a differnet one. So now i ...
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Re: [ocean] My new Catalog Came in the mail today
Just went to the website couple days ago and ordered mine.
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Re: [kansasfisher89] baitcasts
what brands would you guys recomend?
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ice fishin
Never been before but I've been thinking about it. I don't have any ice fishing equipment. What equipment would i need?
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How many of you guys use baitcast reels? My main target is bass so I think I should try a baitcast. Right now I have a spinning reel. I know baitcaster...
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Itchin to get back out on the water
I haven't been fishing since August. I gettin the fever already, i don't fish in the winter. Yesterday it was close to 70 deg...
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Does anyone know when the rut starts in Kansas, how should i hunt it?
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goose calling
i got a goose call a couple weeks ago and i'm not quite sure how to use it. how did you guys learn?
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Phesant hunting
Here in Kansas Phesant season is getting close. I want to go but we live in the eastern part in Kansas. So we would have to drive a while to get ...
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my truck
I got my truck for my birthday last month i helped pay for it with money i had in the bank. I'm 15 so i got my restricted. It's a 88' GMC Sirrea 4X4. I ...
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