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Feb 12, 2002, 7:28 PM
Dec 8, 2019, 7:53 AM
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Kent J.
South Davis County
Gone from really tired to retired
Freshwater Fishing
The Snake River in Idaho
9'4" white sturgeon (weigh approximately 440 pounds)
Forum Responses:

Re: [elkantlers] New ice fishfinder
I am enjoying my Marcum LX-7, but as noted above, it is pricey.
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Re: [Jedidiah] Ice on Mantua?
That is why I like to walk considerably further than the vast majority of ice-anglers do. Even then, that doesn't always totally so...
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Re: [Fin-S-Fish] Ice on Mantua?

Fin-S-Fish wrote:
Most times when you get 4in of ice the fishing is over with lol.That may be true at a few places; however, for...

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Re: [Uncle_Arnie] Bear Lake 12/5 [Thank You]
Congrats on a fine outing. I think you mean 12/4.
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Re: [BearLakeFishGuy] Bonneville Whitefish run is on 11/292019
Thanks Scott. I think the condition of the roads between our houses and Bear Lake scared us off. W...
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Re: [RonPaulFan] The success story behind conserving the endangered June sucker in Utah Lake
In order to achieve these results, in addition to the habitat improv...
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Re: [gmwahl] Bear Lake Whitefish Run
Sorry to hear that. I'm going to give it a go Tuesday.
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Re: [WhiteChocolate] Bear Lake Whitefish Run
Thanks. Hopefully, it is clear Tuesday morning. I would prefer not to have to try to figure out how to put on my cha...
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Re: [WhiteChocolate] Bear Lake Whitefish Run
Congratulations and glad to hear it. Did you happen to notice if the boat ramps were plowed?
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Re: [Totallyhookedds] Bear Lake Whitefish Run
Great and thanks for the report.
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