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Jun 1, 2009, 9:53 AM
Aug 25, 2009, 8:24 PM
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Re: [mandm1516] First time out in 8 years
Millcreek, oh man. How do you fish it flygoddess? I thought BCC was difficult (and FUN!) but that is really a technical...
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Re: [MN_flyguy] Short Bear River session

MN_flyguy wrote:
i'm new to the west, but that first fish looks like a cutt to me....great job!! Really, wow, that's coo...

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Short Bear River session
The wife and I decided to cruise the Mirror Lake highway today and hit up a river while we were up there. We ended up at Bear River abou...
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Re: [Windsetter] Fly fishing by Cottonwood Mall???
I practiced my roll casting last Sunday at Creek Side Park over by the mall. I wonder what the disc golf peopl...
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Re: [ctizzfishin] Any info on Little Dell???
Here's a link to all the other stuff you may need or want to know. rec_trails_pa...
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Re: [lurtch] Please help a noob
i was mainly making the patience comment becouse alot of trout fisherman get all the equipment and go out and start learning how ...
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Re: [Dryrod] Please help a noob
Thanks for the tips. My rod and reel should arrive at the store this week so when I'm there I'll pick up some 4 and 6lb fluoro.I ...
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Re: [lurtch] Please help a noob
p-line is probly the best florocarbon on the listThanks lurtch, I'm wondering if their FloroClear fluorocarbon coated copolymer w...
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Re: [thebajabum] Ensenada Six Pack Raffle
How about throwing in a couple rounds of Margaritas from Hussongs and a fine Cohiba cigar?
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Re: [flygoddess] Please help a noob
Sorry to keep bringing this post up to the top but I've been comparing fluorocarbon lines and various forum posts for almost ...
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