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Feb 28, 2003, 5:58 AM
Apr 29, 2016, 10:35 AM
John Davis
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Re: [HYDROFISH] Lincoln beach boat launch
Iced off yes deep enough I don't think so. It's very low. That's just from looking at it from the road not getting in t...
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Re: [rctalbot] Easy fishing for young scouts
Scofield would be my #1 choice. Tons of chubs to keep the young men busy. Mixed in with a few small trout. Should sa...
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Re: [FarmToy] Burraston Ponds
We did real good at burrstons last week. Garlic powerbait or worms tipped with garlic marshmallows.
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Re: [kentofnsl] Fish Lake This Saturday (Tomorrow)??
I called today. From what they said it sounds safe. Edges and everything is good.
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Re: [rspeters] Haw's Point/Renegade
I agree, I think if I remember right from last weekend that they had snow pushed up and it blocks the road going that directi...
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Re: [blackhab] Fish lake conditions
I missed the sled race dang..Wink
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Re: [FSBO_SLAYER] My first Golden :)
Rock creek in the unitas
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Re: [brookieguy1] My first Golden :)
I'm pretty sure its a golden. It has the par marks or diamonds on the side and white tip on the anal fin. This is out of the...
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My first Golden :)
I took my boys for a overnighter on a river I used to fish with my dad. Other then being wet, it rained all night and all day ( a week ago) we...
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Re: [Wildcat94] anyone fishing tomorrow??? 12-27-11
Me and my boys are going to hit scofield in the morning.
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