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Mar 23, 2007, 6:57 AM
Mar 17, 2017, 8:49 PM
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Re: [BAC] snow off at the Berry
I was off the lake by 2 and there wasn't any slush to be found. The launch ramp was soft but that was all. I would take a wheele...
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snow off at the Berry
Only saw one other group fishing from the marina to Renegade. They were off to the right of the ramp. From the marina to where it opens up...
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Re: [cdbrc] Anyone been to Electric lake recently?
Thank you for the reply. If the weather is ok next week I will give it a try.
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Anyone been to Electric lake recently?
Just wondering what the snow and ice conditions are like up at E. Lake? Anybody driven by recently?Thanks
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Berry conditions 3/15
Great conditions today at the Berry. Only about an inch of snow is all that is covering the ice. No slush. Great travel conditions at least...
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Re: [dubob] Snow mobile on ice
Ice scratchers for sure. It's no fun when your track melts to the hyfax. And it is not fun to change out the hyfax.
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Fish Lake was kind today 3/11
No one will ever believe this fish story. No wind at Fish Lake.Even better the ice conditions are great if you're walking,or sleddi...
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Changing surface conditions Strawberry
Windy day slow catching. Not as many fish on the finder as last week.There is still about 6 to 8 inches of snow on top of ...
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Re: [WingNutt] Strawberry 3/3 Conditions
We were in 24 ft with fish being caught between 12 to 24 ft. Mixed catching between jigging and dead stick. Meal, wax an...
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Re: [bobisfishin] Taking a truck on the ICE?
I have never seen a truck on the ice at the Berry, ever. It is as legal as a ATV. A few years back some guy tried to...
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