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Date Submitted: Thu Apr 24 2008
Location: High Uintas Wilderness-Scudder Lake Brook Trout
State: Utah
Fish: Brook Trout

Description:These four brook trout were caught at Scudder Lake, on the boundary of the High Uintas Wilderness. The biggest measured 16 inches. All were caught with small red and yellow poke-a-dot spinner. Fish were caught around 10:30 am. At Scudder Lake, only shore fishing is practical.

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Mar 19, 2008, 10:31 PM
Jul 19, 2019, 1:07 PM
Fishing, camping, and hiking. Good ol' fishing is the best.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Freshwater Fishing
Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Forum Responses:

Re: [rancid_crabtree] Favorite thing to fish for and why
I like to fish for trout the best, first lakers, rainbows, and brook trout. Then second come in catfish.
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Re: [Tibbz] braided line vs the line if used for years
Another + for braided. Can't beat it. You get stronger no-stretch line with a smaller line diamter. If you...
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Re: [Fishy43] Gorge bows
The Gorge is a great place for bows. My absolute favorite for them, and yes there are some real big ones in there. I tell you what, when...
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Re: [Huntinfool18] My quest to fulfill a dream(pic heavy)
Nice lakers, you guys did a great job. Real nice pictures.
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Re: [Fin-S-Fish] Jordan River Question
Yeah, it is not just farms and such the water is needed from the Jordan River, they have to balance things out. The river...
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Re: [Tarponjim] What would you do? Opinions wanted
I am not arguing or saying anything against you Tarponjim but I just thought I might add a little something. ...
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Re: [Huntinfool18] What would you do? Opinions wanted
I wish you luck in this pursuit. I know some people may disagree, but I will tell you one thing. I am 100%...
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Re: [TroutBumDave] Global Worm-ing?
Well, I understand, but this is no joke. Many folks who keep rabbits for food place a container under the cages and raise wor...
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Re: [Jarv121212] Small boat motor setup?
The first thing you have to keep in mind is to not exceed the US Coast Guard horsepower rating for your boat, and there ...
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Re: [perchinski] Global Worm-ing?
Here is a good bait worm idea if any fellows out here keep or raise rabbits as pets or for food: Rabbit droppings are an excell...
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