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Date Submitted: Thu Aug 23 2012
Location: 4800 south Jordan River
State: Utah
Fish: Utah Sucker

Description:This fish is by no means a trophy fish by regulation. I fish the same hole down the road from my house regularly. While some might comment while fishing"I just caught the same fish!" ,I can say so with confidence. This sucker has only one eye and in the span of the last 10 months I have caught him 3 times now fishing from the same spot. My kids aptly named him one eyed willie.

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Jun 29, 2003, 12:40 PM
Apr 30, 2019, 10:58 AM
Kevin Suess
My 4 kids, eating cooking and fishing.
Brettorf Duetschland
Business owner / truck driver
Freshwater Fishing
Uintas and east canyon
22 lb cat on 4 lb test
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Well that visit ended up being last night. Had 20 min before they say its closed. Lot of fish stacked up in the adjacen...
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Re: [filletedalive] Bountiful Lake Update
I was out there almost daily back in 02-04 before they improved or developed it. Fishing there was amazing every time I...
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Re: [TroutBumDave] 2 Days Straight....finally pays!
Hey Mr. Can i have some candy? You seem like a nice guy. You wont do anything weird will you?
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Re: [kentofnsl] Want to catch some suckers on Jordan River
Kent,just down the road from my house there's an area where I go occasionally. I dont go so much anymo...
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Re: [FishingLunatic] Have u caught a fish missing an eye?
HaHa nice! After the 2nd time i caught this sucker i named him "One eyed Willie". I havent seen him tho...
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Re: [FishingLunatic] Have u caught a fish missing an eye?
I have caught this fish a number of times at the same spot.
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You wouldn't call on me though would ya?
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