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Feb 20, 2002, 8:11 PM
Jul 25, 2017, 8:57 PM
Freshwater Fishing

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Re: [rusty-hook] drive to mirror lake
For the most part you will only catch Rainbow planters. Try to find areas where a planting truck has access to the river an...
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Re: [catfishbait] Strawberry SC info ?
From the most recent reports I believe they are much deeper now, 45 - 55 fow.
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Re: [rusty-hook] advise smith morehouse res.
Myself and a friend fished it last Friday from my boat. We fished the East side using a small feather tailed jig in ...
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Re: [TopH2O] Injured Cutts at Berry
What happens to the fish when you cut the line as close to the hook as you can and release the fish. What is the survival rat...
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Re: [CatchinCompany2] Uinta help
Most of the campgrounds along the the highway accomodate tents and trailers. I would start at Trial lake and Washington Lake. Te...
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Re: [scotty_needles] Echo 7/12/17 and a new species off my list
Are you fishing out of a toon.
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Re: [mtncat1] Kokanee growth rate
I thought about that. Since they survive on zooplankton I would assume that different lakes produce more than others. Especiall...
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Kokanee growth rate
DWR has planted Kokes the past 3 years in Smith & Morehouse Res. All plants being around 3 inches long. What do you think the size of the Kok...
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Re: [liketrolling] Strawberry "triangle"
That's what is nice about having a boat. They are 'Here' today 'Gone' tomorrow. The fish are where you find them althoug...
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Re: [rgreenland] Hand-made rod tube (Brag)
Very nice, and the fact that your father made it for you is priceless. A gift that will never be forgotten.
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