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Aug 28, 2002, 1:52 PM
Sep 20, 2003, 11:00 AM
James Hoover
CATFISHING!!!!!!!!Then all kinds of fishing

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Re: [shewicker] Week 3 Football Pool Picks Go Here!!
New EnglandKansas City Pittsburgh Minnesota New Orleans IndianapolisSt. Louis WashingtonGreen Bay Baltimore ...
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catfishing monroe resevoir and brookville resevior
I was wondering if anybody could tell me the best places to catch catfish at monroe and brookville resevoirs?P...
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Gilberts Pay Lake
Can anybody tell me if Gilberts Pay lake in Louisville is any good.I was thinking about going there on Saturday 8-31-02.I live in Indiana so,I ...
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Re: [scoob] catfish baits
I'm from Indiana.I fish for channels and blues. Thanks,James
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coomers six lakes
I was wondering if anybody could tell me if coomers paylake is good as I hear.Everybody tells me it is a good place to catfish but I never had ...
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geist resevoir cats
Geist Resevoir is a good catfishing spot.Me and some buddies went there aug 16.We caught around 20 the biggest was 7 1/2 lbs the others weigh...
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Re: [Guest] Geist Bassin'
To launch a boat m-f it costs ten dollars.SAT-Sun it is 25.00 dollars to launch boat at geist res.When you go there look at the houses ...
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catfish baits
I was wondering if anybody could help me?I need information on some great catfishing bait.I've tried all kinds of stink baits and dough baits and h...
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