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Apr 13, 2008, 11:43 AM
Mar 31, 2019, 3:41 PM
kirk earl
Anything outdoors.
Logan, Utah
Sales/Marketing GIS/GPS Equipment
Willard and Porcupine
5' stick fish in Hawaii on a Mr. Twister and ultra-light rod.
Forum Responses:

The narrows have been good for me since late January. Most of the time I've been nymphing a few different euro patterns, but lately I've tried dead drift...
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Re: [TubeDude] Willard north walk-in
Thanks! That is even better.
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Willard north walk-in
I havenít been to Willard in awhile, but was wondering if it is still possible to park on the northend and walk in on the dike? You used to...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Anyone been to Porcupine recently?
I used to fish for kokes up there a lot and I'd always go around this time of year (runoff), but would neve...
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Re: [southernbass] San Diego trip
Then do you ship fish home or just try to eat it all while on the trip?
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Logan Area
I'd love to go fishing with you. I work on the north end of Logan, so I was planning on hitting Benson and Cutler a bit after work ...
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Re: [kyLURE] Hyrum Dam
I was out there about a week ago and couldn't get much to happen either. Some guys were wading out into that cove on the south west corner...
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Logan Area
Haven't been on here in ages. Spent a few years doing a lot of parenting and not enough fishing but I am back with a vengeance. Logan and Blacksmith f...
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Logan and Blacksmith
Fishing has been pretty good on the Logan and Blacksmith if you can find big holes where all the fish have congregated. They'll start spread...
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Re: [BagABigOne] Porcupine boat launch?
I used to launch all the time at both launches in a 2WD Chevy S10. The launching was always pretty easy at the launch tha...
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