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Mar 12, 2007, 5:58 PM
Nov 5, 2014, 7:51 PM
Fly Fishing
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Re: [gonfishn] flourocarbon question

gonfishn wrote:
I was shopping for new tipett recently and got to wondering if anyone knows the difference between the P-lin...

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Re: [kjox21] Strawberry on 10/10
FWIW, chironomids are pupae, they don't fly, they hatch, becoming winged adults.
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Re: [bassrods] Almost broke a record!
Cliff, do YOU know what you're talking about? Where is your proof to back up all your claims? You're nothing but an armchai...
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Re: [truchas_ole] Henry's

truchas_ole wrote:
It was cold at 7:30 when I brushed the ice off part of my pontoon to start fishing. It was 22 degrees, but the fish ...

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Re: [sorefeet] Urban Fishing - Boise River
I just pushed the invisable like button for sorefeet. Ed may be a pompous ass online, he may be a dick in person. It h...
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Re: [Fishrmn] All i caught was Grief!

Fishrmn wrote:
Much like a swimming pool, it's not the urine (which is pretty much sterile) it is the fecal matter that bri...

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Re: [Flyfishinglover] Koke on fly rod????
Kokanee are plankton feeders. During the spawn they have only one thing on their mind. And that's not food. You might b...
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Re: [Flyfishinglover] Koke on fly rod????
But highly improbable.
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Re: [kandersonSLC] Scadden Dragonfly at Island Park
Kind of hard to come back isn't it. Hopefully Joni will be healed up by September so we can do it again. This...
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Re: [DKStroutfitter] Willard boaters beware
Idaho requires smaller trailers to be licensed. All of our smaller trailers (boat, enclosed or flatbed) have never be...
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