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Jul 27, 2016, 3:44 PM
Jun 26, 2017, 9:59 PM
Freshwater Fishing
Flaming Gorge
Forum Responses:

Re: [mtncat1] Flaming Gorge Slow
I was there from Saturday to Monday. Sounds like I missed the best day. Wink
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Flaming Gorge Slow
3 days, 6 Laker Pups, 5 Small Kokanee, 1 Rainbow, 1 Cutthroat. That was a rough weekend at the gorge. It seemed like we moved around everywher...
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Re: [wombat1947] Crawdad traps
I sent an email to the fish and game before I made my crawfish traps and they replied that there is no limit on the amount of trap...
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Re: [pastadler] Crawdads active at Strawberry yet?
Where on the lake do people set crawdad traps with a buoy from a boat?
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Re: [liketrolling] Cannon vs Scotty downrigger
Everyone is going to have their own opinions for sure. You need to buy what you think will be the best for you. I ...
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Re: [deafman] Rockport
2 to 2.3 mph
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Re: [rncheni2w] Cannon vs Scotty downrigger
We have two Digi Troll Cannon downriggers and two Scotty electric downriggers. Hands down like our Digi Troll downrig...
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Fished Rockport today. It was hot hot hot. Everyone that was coming to the fish station had caught a healthy amount of fish. We couldn't keep the fish o...
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Re: [dubob] Planer Board Mast or Inline
With those big board, what is the advantages of electric planner board reels and manual ones? I read that most people don...
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Re: [MisterCompletely] Flaming Gorge Weekend
I don't troll for Kokanee and Lakers at the same time. I went three days. One morning Kokanee fishing and the rest o...
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