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Feb 21, 2017, 11:02 AM
Feb 6, 2018, 3:52 PM
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Re: [Optimizer] Newbie trolling question?
I've done 30-40' in shallow water and been fine. You'll never seem 'em on the finder but they'll find the line if condi...
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Re: [bo1206] Strawberry - Kokes in Winter mVmpKjYw Never tried it myself but watch the video. He catches maybe 2-3 along with...
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Re: [need2getoutmore] Canoe fishfinder
I have the Garmin you mentioned. Not saying it was the right choice or the best choice, just that I've caught a crap ton o...
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Re: [AUtahManAmI] Bountiful Pond?
Just about every time I drive by it there's people fishing it. I've heard it has bass, panfish, carp, and the DWR stocks it wit...
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Re: [FishingLunatic] Goin shore fishing tomorrow 11/2
This time of year fish are sitting shallower in a lot of places. Even trolling I'm fishing on top. Most peo...
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Lost Creek On Fire
Well, not actual forest fire, I mean the fishing :) Trolled a worm, worm with power bait, wedding ring, wedding ring with power bait, and rapa...
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Re: [fishnate] Most incredible hookup!
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA! Well done, once in a lifetime :)
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Re: [PACMEN] pancake downrigger weights
I use pancake weights and once tried to use a 8 lb with just a light flasher set connect to the rear loop of the weight. ...
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Re: [amik] Fun day at the Pig
Had the same awesome day. On the water at 6am and off by 11am with 7. Lost a couple. I had the first kokanee in the boat within 60 ...
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Re: [betterthanwork] Lost Creek
Good to see another generation being brought in the ways of the 20" fish...I mean the 24" fish...I mean the 36" fish.
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