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Sep 17, 2014, 7:21 AM
Jan 24, 2020, 7:38 PM
Freshwater Fishing
Forum Responses:

Re: [SmokeFish] Lost Creek
I saw a ice report on one of the facebook groups today that said there is 8 inches of ice and the road is plowed all the way in and pe...
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Re: [lovetofish] Shuttling at the Berry
$25 per person M-Thur. $40 per person Fri.-Sun. The $12 dollar parking fee is included donít have to pay it.
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Re: [brookie] Shuttling at the Berry
Where we where fishing there was about 6Ēof snow on top of a couple inches of slush on a foot of solid clear ice, Iíve never...
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Shuttling at the Berry
Smittyts and I took the shuttle service at the Berry today, I would highly recommend it, if you want to get away from the crowds and catch...
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Re: [Springbuck] Hyrum or Mantua tomorrow (01/20/20) ?
If numbers and easy accessibility then Hyrum hands down the previous response is good advice they will b...
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Re: [catchinon] Ice Addiction Tournament diction-starvation-ut-fred-hayes-st ate-park-at-starvation-tickets-7974 3981395 He...
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Re: [obifishkenobi] Ice Addiction Tournament
Bump, I just wanted to move this to the top again to see if anyone wants to ride with me next Saturday.
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Re: [95f1camaro] BIG Strawberry Cutt
Congratulations, that is a hog. Where you guys away from the crowds?
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Re: [joatmon] Echo 1/11
Joatmon the 12Ē you caught was pretty nice and should help in the ice fishing challenge.
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Echo 1/11
I fished Echo with Catchanon and Joatmon today From about 8 am to 4:30pm. We went there looking for Jumbo perch and got a couple. It wasnít fast and fu...
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