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Feb 10, 2003, 12:38 PM
Jun 18, 2019, 10:03 PM
cesar m

yuba,e-lake,hutington,willard,scofield.strawberry,lake powell
Forum Responses:

Re: [kentofnsl] Red Sided minnows
That's what I was thinking too I need to go up and fish E lake once it thaws out anyway . Guess I will stick to my clubs for ho...
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Re: [TubeDude] Red Sided minnows
Thanks Pat I totally forgot about the fat head minnows . I always keep the minnows frozen when I go fishing because like you sai...
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Re: [BHuij] Red Sided minnows
I live in Payson not sure if electric lake has thawed out yet I usually get them there.
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Red Sided minnows
Anyone know where I can catch some red sided minnows ?Somewhere not too north would be good.
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Re: [Island20] Scofield chubs
I was just there on Monday plenty of chubs in the river. If you want the smaller one's you have to use a net. There's a steady flow...
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Re: [Anglinarcher] Red sided shiner hatch
Wow those are very impressive lures if they have the right action they would be killer !!!
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Re: [Outfishing13] Yuba
Main forage for Pike are carp and walleyes not much of anything else in there. There's bigger pike that won't hit lures unless you have t...
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Re: [Fishrmn] Yuba WTH???
The main thing they need to do is drain Yuba like it was last year put structure in there so the perch have a chace to reproduce. Yuba ...
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Coming back from Vegas I decided to stop by Yuba and check out the water levels and it does not look good. The water is dropping and it looks like it's goin...
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Huntington Saturday
Went up to Huntington Saturday evening to see how the lake was and most of it is still covered with slushy ice . There is open water to fish...
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