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Sep 5, 2007, 1:21 PM
Aug 3, 2015, 8:51 AM
Craig Peacock
Fishing (Duh?), Football, Poker, 4-wheelers, Camping....
Forum Responses:

Yellowstone report
Itís been a while in fact a long while since I have been out fishing so far this year this makes the second time for me. So I was glad that I...
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Re: [roasterx] Old Timers I Crave Your Wisdom!
Drive at least 2 hours away from the valley, the harder to get there the fewer people fish it. Think a back pack a...
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Re: [TubeDude] Matt Warner res
What about "HUGE FISH" or this one is a "TOAD" he says that about every 15+ inch fish he catches.
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Re: [kochanut] Cutthroat C&R state record tie

kochanut wrote:
ntrl_brn_rebel wrote:
I find it interesting how you bring up ego, yet as I look over your few post...

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Re: [Gemcityslayer] Anyone else tired of winter?
I really am not a fan of winter, so much so we are thinking of selling all of my ice stuff next year. I have use...
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Re: [dubob] Walk In Access (WIA) Program
So if you walk up the dam section and float the reservoir on a float tube would you still be required to have the walk i...
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Sorry disregard... Just say I went to yellowstone and got my biggest cut ever 27 inches.... Submitting to KSL see if I win.
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Re: [Sutfolut] Green River Fishing Help?
Get a hold of TUBEDUDE and get some copper pats... Those jigs are like crack to the trout up there. Get them on the bott...
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Re: [RANDAL801] Float tube fin help and questions?
Just buy a scadden escape... Fins to go slow oars to go fast and still able to fit in the trunk of a car. One ...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Wind River YM Trip 2014
Amazing! Looks like my kind of place no people, big fish, and solitude. I might have to carve out a week to fish that ...
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