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Submit Date: Sat Jan 21 2017
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Mid-Season Ice Fishing

After the rush to punch holes during first-ice, hot bites tend to cool off. Many ice anglers are left scratching their heads. Some call it the mid-season blues and... Read More
Finding the Perfect Ice Rod

Park Falls, WI (November , 2018) – If you’re a serious hardwater devotee of perch, walleye, pike, lake trout, and other fish species, you already know that finding the... Read More
Fish Monkey

Hand-to-Hand Combat Puts 800 Pound Marlin in the Boat Fish Monkey pro staff and legendary marlin man Gary Carter catches a potential record breaker Read More
Popcorn Shrimp

Extraordinary things happen when a luremaker takes his or her time in the creation a new bait—as opposed to the all-too-often practice of rushing products to market... Read More
High School Fishing

Park Falls, WI (May 18, 2018) – Will Simmons planned to be fishing by lunchtime; maybe just a little after. A transplanted crappie fisherman turned bass nut, and now... Read More
My Latest Wall of Fame

Date Submitted: Mon Jan 28 2019
Location: wall of fame
State: California
Fish: wall of fame photo

Description:Throwback to 1999

Date Submitted: Tue Feb 20 2018
State: Idaho
Fish: Brook Trout


Date Submitted: Mon Sep 19 2016
Location: Southern California
State: California
Fish: Striped Marlin

Description:Striped Marlin caught on 16lb test

Date Submitted: Tue Sep 13 2016
Location: Southern California
State: California
Fish: Striped Marlin

Description:Bobby Lienau wires a hefty striped marlin caught on 30lb ande line.

Date Submitted: Wed Jun 15 2016
Location: Lake
State: California
Fish: CA Freshwater Bass

Description:Had some fun catching this freshwater Bass.

About Me:

Oct 19, 2015, 6:10 PM
Feb 20, 2019, 9:14 AM
Saltwater Fishing
Forum Responses:

Re: [wiperhunter2] My garden pics: June 2018
Very Impressive! I am jealous. I can't keep anything alive-- no green thumb for me.. Thank you for sharing your pict...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Anyone having a problem with the site

wiperhunter2 wrote:
Vicki, did you see this question:
travelinangler wrote:
When are we going to get an...

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Re: [wiperhunter2] Anyone having a problem with the site
Wanted to let you all know I have sent a message with the issue over to the Techs who host the site and ...
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Re: [TheWhizzle] State Moderators Wanted
This is GREAT news. I have added you as a moderator in Oregon. We are grateful! Hoping to see some action on the boards ...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] BFT Flags Available Now
Love it! Cant wait to see pictures.
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] BFT Flags Available Now
BFT Flags look great!!!
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Re: [WheatieBall] Howdy from Kentucky
Welcome to Bigfishtackle! So happy you are joining us from Kentucky! Happy Fishing!
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Re: [KvartekMedia] Giant Black Drum Pulls My Yak Through Tight Places!
I will send it to the tech guys... thanks Vicki
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Re: [kentofnsl] TEAM BIGFISH R&D
thanks for your response...
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For those of you who like to BAIT AND WAIT! Boat or Shore..... 1- Do you struggle keeping your bait on the hook casting? Y/N 2- Would you catch ...
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